Suffering from ADHD? Stop Surviving and Start Thriving!

thrive with ADHD

Suffering from ADHD? Stop Surviving and Start Thriving Today!

Having lived with ADHD all my life, I understand fully what it’s like being held hostage by the crippling effects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

There was a time when I believed my life was going to pass me by without me ever tapping into even a slither of my true potential…

A reality lived by so many others who suffer too.

Yet today I am the founder and President of Project Noo You/Nitrovit.

A company I created against all odds, that makes dietary supplements for people who also suffer from attention/focus, memory, and anxiety issues like myself.

Having spent the past 7 years in the industry I receive hundreds of emails a month asking for guidance and help from those drowning in the frustration brought about by the condition.

I’ve been blessed to be able to pass on my knowledge to help many find their calling in life like I was finally able to.

Today, I’d like to pass on some of that advice to you.

Through the bleakness you may be experiencing currently, it might surprise you to know that ADHD can provide an unrivaled springboard for success…

Once you learn to harness the incredible power it can provide.

I have found the best way to leverage from ADHD and the intense laser focus it can provide is to prep yourself in two stages:

Stage 1 involves killing the negative self-limiting beliefs you’ll likely have adopted while trying to fit in with the crowd.

Stage 2 involves creating and adopting strategies for creating a powerful catalyst for achievement, growth, and success.

Let’s start shaking off those old beliefs now…

Step 1 – Learn to Love and Respect Yourself and Embrace Your Uniqueness

A kid erasing words on a black board

Let go of the past

Many ADHD sufferers self-loathe, and yet a lot of this is in our own heads – installed by society’s beliefs and conditioning.

Teachers, peers, employers, and colleagues – Even Donald Trump’s University calculated my chances of success in life at 20% after filling out the lengthy questionnaire.

Enough to have any person drop their dreams of a fulfilled life and make do with what they’ve got.

It took me another 7 years before I realized that if I continued holding on to other people’s beliefs about me, then a self-fulfilling prophecy would make me the loser others had labeled me as.

It was being broke and insignificant for long enough, in a world where I didn’t make a difference that eventually lit a fire under my backside.

This had me saying the hell with their opinions – I AM great, and I CAN achieve anything.

That change in mindset set me on a journey I only wish I had started years before.

I decided to not let the past, and other’s opinions of me dictate my life.

Besides, when had any of these people offered to pay my house repayment for me at the end of the month?

All that matters in life is those that love you the way you are, and the future you can create for them and yourself.

Beware of What You Absorb

newspaper cut out

You’d be amazed at the detrimental effect negativity can have on our own success.

Choose friends wisely and distance yourself from anyone overly negative.

I challenge you to drop one loser friend today and go replace them with a winner.

I also threw my TV out 5 years ago and it was the greatest thing I ever did for developing a positive outlook.

Every night and every morning I was sat filling my head with trash.

War, famine, politics, recession talk, and news of that school bus that crashed.

All of which did nothing but increase my blood pressure and had me convinced I was living in a very bleak world.

Today I am very selective over what and who I allow to rent space in my head.

Look after yourself


It surprises me how many entrepreneurs work every hour to achieve the Lamborghini they dream of looking so good in.

Yet happily live in a body that looks like a wreck.

Before worrying about the whip, focus on the skin you’re in.

I spent a lot of my life overweight and it was only when I slimmed down through nutrition and exercise that I began feeling like a winner.

I also found others were paying more attention to me, my ideas, and my vision. It’s a fickle world I know, but the rules are clear to help you beat the system.

Be the master of your own destiny – other people wind us up… bosses, co-workers, even authority figures…

Make moves to regain control of everything you can and always keep going as motion beats meditation all day long.

Help others but also help yourself, and give thought to your better half.

Living with someone with ADHD can be just as much a nightmare for them, and yet there is no medical term for it!

You and I both know what upsets them so change it. They go through a lot putting up with us and our ADHD.

Indulge in your OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

man playing guitar

In my school days, the agenda was to iron out the creases – to work on weaknesses to make good, rounded cookie-cutter citizens of us all.

This formed a belief I carried over into my adult life and led to misery…

We can work on things we don’t enjoy and even do a good job, but I promise you at best you’ll be proficient…

Sadly, you’ll never find magic living this way. Instead, shrug off those old beliefs about working on weaknesses and only work on what you excel at and enjoy.

OCD is gold – Grant Cardone says to be fulfilled, happy, and successful we must obsess about leveling up every aspect of ourselves and our lives.

Most people I know with ADHD have some level of OCD… especially when working on projects of their own or things they enjoy doing.

Take up something unbeatable – something that makes you happy in the now but provides growth for the future.

Martial Arts, learning an instrument, starting a second language, Yoga… All provide satisfaction from basic mastery in the initial phases of learning, but have enough depth that the ‘easily bored ADHD brain’ remains constantly challenged.

Step 2 – Harnessing the power of your ADHD for devastating effect

little girl wearing a superhero cape

Be patient – ADHD can often lead to depression.

We should understand that depression is often a sign of someone whose achievements don’t match their potential.

Work on something long term – but break it down into small parts to enjoy frequent wins, and to stave off the boredom.

Embrace the Ego

While many seem hell bent on ‘dissolving’ the ego, I have found feeding it to provide me more motivation than trying to strip it back.

Just feed it in a good way, tipping when you can, helping homeless people with some spare clothes, the elderly with your ear for an hour and some conversation, or giving a little of your time to the local community or charity…

Never feel guilty for wanting something back either – appreciation, notoriety, respect, love, or even just to be around like minded people who think the same as you.

Taking something for yourself isn’t as pure as it could be – but who cares?! Doing something (even if just to feed our egos) is better than helping no one.

Don’t be afraid to make some waves and enjoy getting something back.

I’ve sponsored football teams to benefit my company, but it’s all good – the lads in the team loved their new kits.

And even writing this is feeding my ego – in a good way – and yet I am sure someone somewhere will take a little inspiration.

So don’t hide yourself away from the world for fear of drawing attention.

ADHD people have crazy energy, tend to be quite animated when discussing things they love, and can often find their ‘can do’ attitudes when fired up influence and wipe off on to others.

Anger is an energy

fist hitting a wall

Anger can be very powerful when correctly directed.

Don’t lead through fear, but never fear of getting a little ticked off.

Use that searing heat inside to prove a point – sometimes it’s needed to produce great work with a cause.

Back yourself… Understand that you can be anyone you want.

If it isn’t happening then don’t beat yourself up.

Perhaps lack of organization is to blame…

Could something as simple as a desk tidy set you up for a winning performance tomorrow?

Explaining the symptoms to someone who doesn’t struggle with focus, memory, and irrational behavior issues so common with ADHD sufferers is like us trying to describe the symptoms of love.

Get focused on goals

Make a vision board.

Why is prayer so effective?

Because the last thing at night, and the first thing in the morning, we are programming our goals.

Sadly, when praying we often hand our own power over to a higher force.

I’ve come to learn that SOMETIMES, the Universe / God / our Creators are a lot more forthcoming with our desires when they see us doing all we can to achieve it first.

Don’t wait around, ask for it!

sun direction smiley

Start working towards getting it – parents would match what you saved… Employers would match your contribution.

And this could be just what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

Final thoughts…

More than anything in my 4 years of working with some of the most severe cases…

I can say that the most effective remedy can often be just getting inspired.

Nothing happens from just planning, it takes action to get results.

After many years of struggle, I now have a company that makes ADHD supplements, shipping all over the world.

Best of all,  it serves people who have become lost to the depression that can come about from not meeting our potential.

Thankfully I was too pigheaded to listen to my own negative self-talk.

Now I understand the power of breaking down goals into smaller tasks and giving my absolute best to achieve them.

I believe that YOU can do the same and become successful by letting go of your past.

Make small positive changes and never accept anything but the best of yourself.

You have within you the power to do anything you want.

People with ADHD have focus unrivaled when fixated on something that has us in a state of flow.

ADHD power

What is your superpower? What do you love? Go and get after it!

To find out more about how NITROvit works take a look at our product page.