Choline Boosts Brain Power And Enhances Memory

choline for cognitive function and memory

Nitrovit is an advanced cognitive enhancer, formulated to optimize mental acuity and performance. In this series, we tell you all you need to know about Alpha GPC, one of the individual ingredients that goes into Nitrovit. There are many benefits of Alpha GPC on its own, but the effects work synergistic-ally with the rest of the Nitrovit ingredients to help significantly boost cognitive functioning.

Alpha GPC molecule, Take a deep breath before you read this sentence, because the full name for Alpha GPC is ‘L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine’.

Now you know why it’s usually reduced to the shorter and much easier title.

However, understanding the many benefits that it provides is much more simple to understand.

What is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC is a natural compound which can be found in very small trace amounts in the brain. The synthesized version of it is usually produced by extraction from soy beans.

When ingested, it helps to create a substance known as choline, a natural salt and vitally essential nutrient which keeps the neural pathways in good working order.

Choline has also been shown to regulate cholesterol levels and be beneficial to pregnant women during gestation. It can be found in a surprisingly diverse array of foods, ranging from beef liver to egg yolks to cauliflower, but only in small amounts, so taking it as a supplement makes good sense.

Alpha GPC Benefits: How Can Alpha GPC Benefit the Brain System?
Alpha GPC is a known for immediate cognitive enhancement benefits but has also been shown to provide many long-term benefits to overall brain health.

It is also known to promote better neurons in the brain, as well as provide neuroprotective capabilities that protect the brain from cognitive decline.

Studies have shown it to be responsible for boosting memory, improving learning capabilities, enhances the speed of thinking, and improves overall mental clarity.

Additional Alpha GPC Benefits:

  • Cognitive Benefits of Alpha GPC
  • Improves focus and attention.
  • Boosts mental energy and mental clarity.
  • Promotes greater short-term and long-term memory improvement.
  • Enhances learning capability and has been shown to particularly help during exams or big presentations.
  • Improves overall brain cell health and cognition.

Alpha GPC is FDA classified as safe and has been used with good effect to treat Alzheimer’s and other degenerative disorders.

More research still remains to be done, but it has also shown very encouraging signs of being a useful restorative for people who have suffered a stroke.

A large-scale study of recent stroke victims in Italy showed that a course of Alpha GPC taken over 28 days produced significant improvements in their cognition, memory and reasoning.

Some athletes have also used it as a means to stimulate growth hormones increase their personal power output. But, as yet, there is no credible research to either prove or disprove its capabilities in this respect.

Alpha GPC offers a wide variety of cognitive benefits. This is why we decided to add it into our newly enhanced cognitive nootropic supplement, Nitrovit. Not only is it incredibly effective on its own, but it works synergistic-ally well with the rest of our powerful nootropic ingredients to comprise one of the best nootropics on the market, today!