The NITROshock™ Ingredients

Energy, Endurance, Focus Matrix

L-Taurine is concentrated in our brain, eyes, heart and muscles. It is a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning it becomes essential in times of illness and stress. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and role in energy production, L-Taurin is being used to increase exercise performance, fight diabetes, protect the nervous system, and improve heart health.

Waxy Maize is high in amylopectin known for its rapid digestion and absorption in the digestive tract. It provides a steady source of energy, and can replenish glycogen storage in the body after a strenuous workout more quickly. Unlike other carbohydrate sources, Waxy Maize is low in osmolarity, and can be absorbed into the bloodstream without causing excessive water retention or bloating.

Citrulline is a precursor for nitric oxide, which at low level can cause physical weakness and lack of energy. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, which causes the inner muscles of blood vessels to widen, allowing blood, oxygen and nutrients to travel to all areas of the body. Citrulline also eliminates ammonia – a major contributor to fatigue – from the body. Therefore, Citrulline can decrease fatigue and improve recovery.

Glycocyamine is a precursor to creatine, which plays a crucial role in energy metabolism, and is used to replenish adenosine triphosphate (ATP). In addition to providing more energy, creatine helps speed up muscle recovery, and increase muscle mass. 

Found in many high protein foods, especially in cheese, L-Tyrosine can boost both physical and mental performance by improving alertness, attention, and focus. It is needed to increase important brain chemicals such as dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which can improve memory and performance under stressful situation. 

Glucuronolactone is an important component of our connective tissues. It supports cardiovascular and joint health, enhances both aerobic and anaerobic performance, and helps to build strength and muscle mass. Glururonolactone also increases mood and mental performance by improving concentration, memory, alertness and reaction time.

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