10 Great Videos You As A Musician Must Watch

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10 great videos you as a musician must watch

Here at Noosician we have chosen the top 10 videos you as a musician must watch and we have put them all here for you…

Steve Vai “How to be Successful”

I’d hope Steve Vai needs no introduction, there’s no doubt he’s one of the greats.

If you are an aspiring musician or someone who just needs a bit of motivation Steve Vai’s “How to be successful” is a must watch.

How to be successful is a short 7-minute motivational video tailored for musicians, but musician or not it’s a very powerful video.

The great Steve Vai gives us some words of wisdom whilst doing what he does best playing his guitar. Steve is talking to a small audience Infront of him yet it feels like he’s in conversation with you.

He first addresses an important question; how do I make it in this industry and his response is to identify what exactly it is you want, which definitely got me thinking.

But if I was to choose the best part of the video it would have to be the part in which he talks about visualisation being a key to success, visualise yourself playing an instrument, visualise yourself playing it well.

This video just really gives you food for thought and is just a generally warm and motivational video with awesome mellow guitar playing in the background.

Motivation from Steve Vai is value a musician can’t afford not to use.

How I beat stage fright | Joe Kowan

This video is actually a Ted Talk from Joe Kowan a musician who had struggled with stage fright his entire life but, in this video, he is finally able to talk about how he beat stage fright.

Hence the video title ‘How I beat stage fright’.

This video is more than uplifting and inspirational, Kevin comes across brilliantly as a funny endearing speaker.

He speaks about his experiences with stage fright which makes you feel like you’re not alone and reminds us that stage fright effects all musicians.

So, if you are struggling with stage fright this is a must watch as I believe it will make you feel so much better like it did me.

Kevin even speaks about his late start into the music industry being a performance at an open mic night, which I found incredibly inspirational, he also doesn’t mind embarrassing himself with a funny story of a performance ruined by stage fright.

And to end he goes onto sing a catchy song about the stereotypes of stage fright solutions.

Like picturing everyone naked.

Kevin just really makes light of stage fright and creates a feel-good video that all musicians need to watch.

Yoga for musicians

Yoga for musician? I understand if your sceptical, so was I but hear me out.

I found an amazing yoga channel on YouTube called yoga with Adrienne and I’m sure some of you found her before me as she boosts a healthy 6.29 million subscribers.

As her name suggests she does in fact only make yoga videos and for me being a musician and not a yoga enthusiast each video looked the same as the last, until I found a video titled ‘Yoga for musicians’.

I watched this video to hopefully extract one or two exercises to help me feel good but I ended up watching all 25 minutes of the video.

And as a musician not a minute was wasted because I was learning and I was learning how to keep my body feeling good and ready to perform.

Adrienne kindly demonstrates yoga exercises for your whole body so you can continue to perform and practice without injuries getting in the way or becoming a worry.

This is a must watch for all musicians.

The best finger exercise ever

This one is for all you guitar players! This video is from Paul David’s and he takes you through step by step on how to do the best finger exercise for guitarists.

Don’t be deterred by the title as it contains (try at your own risk) I believe this is purely comical as the exercise isn’t very hard and if you don’t believe me, at least believe the people in the comments.

What I really love about this video is how much of a good teacher Paul is.

He not only shows you step by step but he also talks you through what to do.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert there is definitely some value in this video for you.

Plus, its only 7 minutes long, it’s a video you can squeeze into any day no matter how busy. Overall an awesome informative video for all guitarists to watch.

Great Advice from Musicians for Musicians

This is a classic example of the saying straight from the horse’s mouth, this video is musicians giving musicians advice.

The video is a compilation of advice from some of the great musicians.

It’s a rare chance to get insider knowledge from musicians that may well be or have been exactly where you want to be in the future.

One bit of advice from a musician in the video was try not to become too commercialised and just for the money, basically have a passion for music which is sometimes lost at the moment.

The musicians on the video include Roy Hargrove, Terence Blanchard, Poncho Sanchez, Wallace Roney, Gregory Porter and Kenny Barron.

The best speaker has to be Terence Blanchard however and the comments definitely agree with me.

Terence does speak about not lying to yourself which I think we can all as just people agree with.

It’s a must watch.

Successful Musician – Powerful Affirmations for Music Industry Success

This is a powerful video I think musicians can benefit from as all musicians at all levels go through stages of doubt and have a little voice in their head saying maybe I can’t do this.

And all we need in that moment is some reassurance but not all of us can get it, this video is all the reassurance you need.

Affirmation is having a positive mind set.

This video is simply multiple voices telling you can do this and that you are a good musician some things I’m sure a lot of you need to hear.

So, in times of doubt when you have no one for reassurance and you need a boost, listen to this video.

Guitar players advantage self-hypnosis program

This video was a hidden secret but not anymore.

This is a hypnosis video for guitar players which helps you to relax and make you feel good about your ability.

The video is like one of your good friends reminding you that you can do the practice and that you’re really good at playing the guitar.

The video first gets you to relax and gets you in a calm state so your mind is clear and then tells you that you can learn the guitar, in attempts to get to your subconscious to believe it.

I like to compare it to the fake until you make it saying, as the video is essentially trying tricking your subconscious into believing it can do all these things and once your mind actually begins to believe it can, then you actually can.

I have watched this video multiple times as your supposed to and overtime you too will see the effects of the video, you will see improvements.

I think there’s one comment that should make us all as musicians want to watch this video and that comment is: “Wow! I have been listening to this for a month and my practice has gone from 1 hour a day to 5 hours a day and I am playing so much better. This is actually amazing” for me that comment is enough to make me want to listen.

Be an Excellent Musician | Subliminal Suggestion

Don’t listen to music on the way to a performance listen to this. This is a possibly a strange video for those unaware of subliminal suggestion.

This video Is simply subliminal suggestion for musicians and what subliminal suggestion does is basically give your brain a message that you’re not hearing.

So subconsciously your hearing a message. I will always remember the Simpsons episode about the subliminal messages ‘Join the navy’ when Bart joined a boy band.

The premise was, hidden in the songs was ‘join the navy’ and the characters in the Simpson had a sudden urge to sign up for the navy because of this hidden message.

Now we aren’t saying subliminal suggestion is that easy but research shows subliminal suggestion in self-help videos actually works.

This video does a really awesome job of relaxing and calming you perfect for when stage fright starts to creep in.

It does this by playing soft calming music and having both a man and a women’s voice telling you that your relaxing and telling you how to feel.

If you struggle with stage fright this could quickly become the video for you to watch before you perform or any time you’re feeling anxious.

Overall a great video to help calm your nerves and get musicians ready. It’s a real tool for musicians.

5 Minute vocal warm up

Singers this is a must watch from Jacobs Vocal academy.

It is exactly what the title says 5 minutes of vocal exercise to warm up your unique voice.

Jacobs channel is one we highly recommend as he has multiple videos covering vocal warm ups but his 5-minute video is the most popular to say the least with over 13 million views.

Jacob covers multiple exercises like humming that you can’t help but hum along with him.

One comment with 12 thousand likes even say’s “I do this before I do karaoke” so this isn’t a video to watch and forget its one to watch and use.

If this video is any representation of the channel’s quality, I am very intrigued about his online vocal courses he’s offering as Jacob is in fact a vocal coach.

So, this video is offering you free advice from a vocal coach as a singer you would surely be foolish to not at least check out the video.

Overall a useful video for singers from a vocal coach that is short enough to watch in an uber on the way to a karaoke night or even a big performance.

This video really is excellent.

This is the ultimate cure for stage fright Marisa Peer

For musicians suffering from stage fright and wanting to change that (which is most of us) the best place to start would probably be with this video ‘The cure for stage fright’.

This video comes from mind valley and is presented by author Marisa Peer and the video covers, what Stage fright is and how to ‘cure’ yourself of it, all in 3 minutes.

Marisa explains perfectly in layman’s terms that stage fright is the fear of being judged.

She then goes on to explain ways in which you can combat it.

But because it is such a short video you are left having to fill in some blanks, Marisa almost just points you in the right direction to getting over your stage fright.

And leaves you to discover what works best for you in terms of getting over stage fright. Unless you do decide to check out her free masterclass.

Overall an extremely helpful video that all musicians should watch and extract the information that can help you.

One takeaway from the video that everyone should know is you’re the only person that can judge you.

Once we all start to understand that stage fright can become something of the past.