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Supplement Scams – How To Avoid The Bad Guys

I want to share my thoughts on supplement scams with you, hoping that you’ll always stay with me and Nitrovit, but understanding the strong desire and likeliness that a few clients may want to experience another companies offering – if not least out of curiosity.

Sometimes on our Facebook page we receive messages from angry customers such as this one:

Of course, we don’t even have the facility to rebill you, and after spending a good 20 minutes of my time calming the gent down, and trying to get to the bottom of everything, he finally realized he had mistaken us for another company.

You’d think that was a stupid mistake, but there are many fake “review sites” out there now that will review Nitrovit, give it big stars, and add a ‘buy now’ button – but as soon as you click you are taken to the payment checkout page for ANOTHER companies supplement! (I’ll post more about this at another time).

So, as is always the case with these “STOP BILLING MY CREDIT CARD!” complaints, the customer had mistaken us for someone else… easier done than you first thought.
As mentioned above, we don’t have or facilitate a ‘rebill’ program and so can’t charge people’s cards… Only you can buy from us.

But the mystery charges scam goes much farther than an auto rebill program. Most of these cowboys reel in an unsuspecting (and sometimes desperately in need) potential customer with the promise of a free trial.
The deal is you don’t need to buy anything, and you can get your free bottle now – you just need to give your credit card details for “Identification purposes”.

Sadly, that isn’t the case. On nearly all “free trials” (nothing is free in life) it really is too good to be true. Look at the small print before you hand over your financial details and you’ll see you’re actually signing up for a monthly rebilling scheme, and often agreeing to paying the full price of the bottle within 7 days of purchase.

Yes, I said purchase. That means if you purchased on the 1st, and it takes 5 days to get to you, You have just 2 days left to try, assess, and then go through the (often lengthy) cancellation process or you’ll be billed for TWO bottles!

But it isn’t just the smaller less scrupulous companies doing this. Even the well known OptiMind aren’t as clear as they should be when it comes to their free trial.
(Note – I would never ‘name and shame’, but the following image is nothing secretive and is displayed on the OptiMind website at the very bottom of the page:

As you can see, trying their 14 day “free trial” is great, but if it’s not for you then don’t just think you can sit back and do nothing. You have to email them and start the cancellation process within those 14 days or you can expect an immediate charge of $17.33 – AND another in 30 days a second charge of $34.66.

Now that may not sound too bad, but who expects to be charged for taking a “free trial”? And OptiMind are one of the better guys and display this info on their site – MOST don’t.

The biggest issue I have with the manufacturers that take part in this practice is that they are usually the ones that don’t care. They are marketers and care not for making massive strides to help people with memory, focus, and attention issues – they are here in this “hot new market” to spend their investors’ money and bring in a healthy return.

This nearly always equates to a poor product with week ingredients and low milligrams. The quality of the ingredients also suffers, and despite a nootropic ingredient having the same name on two different products, the strength of that ingredient can vary greatly depending upon its quality, and what part of the plant was used (if herb based).

Of course, if you keep deceiving people like this, and make things as difficult as possible to cancel, eventually the complaints will cause you to lose your merchant service providers support – and go out of business…
No big deal… These people simply open a new (but very similar) website, and relabel the bottle!

Don’t believe me? Well check out these reincarnations!
Note: I am not suggesting the following companies are doing anything underhand – they may have simply all used the same web design company! (cough cough)

Therefore, for your own safety and peace of mind, try to avoid these companies making unbelievable and unviable claims such as “Try Risk Free”, “Rush My Order”, or “Scientists are calling this Viagra for the brain”.
If you aren’t being charged, you’ll likely be shortly – and for a lot more than you’d have paid from a reputable manufacturer – OR – you’ll be being burned on ingredient quality and ultimately results.

This saddens me as I often meet people in the offline world who have tried a brain enhancement supplement before but didn’t “feel anything”. Had they known who to avoid, they’d have likely experienced incredible results which may have changed their lives. 

If you want true risk free then find companies like mine where you get a nice big guarantee such as a year. With a 1-year guarantee, you can finish any current supplement stack you’re on, take a month’s break, try Nitrovit for 3 months, come off for a month, and THEN – fully assess the benefits you experienced.

That sure beats the 10 days you get with most others before your lack of communication automatically enters you into a battle to stop unwanted and unsolicited credit card charges.

THEN, if not happy, you can get your money back with just one email… No questions asked.

Not one supplement works for everybody, and so protect yourself and your money and learn the difference between a REAL “free trial” – you commit upfront by investing, yet have the full protection of guaranteed money back – no questions asked – and those who sound too good to be true… As likely they are. 

If Nitrovit wasn’t for you, or you’d like to compare Nitrovit to another product, I promise to give you impartial advice. Send me a quick email with the name of the product, and their list of ingredients (with milligrams) and I’ll give you an honest run down and what to expect.

You can reach me via my personal email any time at

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