Over The Years We’ve Made Many Friends… Be Inspired By Their Stories

Does NITROvit® work?

Yes… That’s why it comes with a full-year money back guarantee.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Alongside the scientific data to back the claims, we’ve also received real time feedback through the years to make NITROvit® what it is today. 

Below you can read and hear some of our client’s success stories.

Everything you are about to read on this page is 100% authentic, as are the photographs, and were submitted by real clients of ours with their permission to use.

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Eugene Thomas

Malvern, Arizona

Wow this product is amazing. It sharpened my mental solving abilities and gave me back more mental energy and I didn’t experience the dragging and slothful symptoms.

Eli Peters

I have tried many other products like alpha brain, focus and HCF to name a few… but I have always found that the nitrovit family of products was that specific combination for me that unlocked my cognitive potential.

Dennis L. Guy Jr

First Sip Brew Box

Nitrovit has given me the energy and focus to start my own company, learn programming, and leave a job I hated. It is a great product.

Sam Fortier

Quebec, Canada

I started looking on the web to find something like Ritalin but without the risks. Then I started checking the reviews on each of them and I finally found “NITROvit”.

Daniel Barony

Felton, Delaware

Bought it, used it, love it. Laser focus and a noticeable increase in work drive. Thanks for creating this product.

Finley Eversole

PhD, Editor & Author

I began taking this product approximately 300 days ago at the age of 82. If you are looking for a memory enhancer that truly works, I do not believe you can find a better product than Nitrovit from Project Noo You.

Ashley Christina


Day 2 on Nitrovit. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I cut the dose of my SSRI by half, and stopped taking the stimulant I was on for ADHD. I have already felt a significant difference in focus, concentration, energy, and motivation.

Jacob Hasenkamp

Manhattan, Kansas

I’ll be honest, before I was in a rut. I was becoming very lazy with no motivation to do anything. My place was becoming a mess, to the point I couldn’t even invite friends over without being embarrassed. After the first hour, I literally hopped out of bed and started cleaning. It wasn’t a noticeable boost, very subtle, but gave me motivation to well.. “Get shit done”

Jaclyn Tran


I’m a college student, and at times it gets really tough to purely focus on the amount of studies I would have to do, since I get sidetracked so easily. After discovering this product, my attention span and my memory retention has never been better! I can honestly say it has drastically improved my grades by a landslide. On top of that it doesn’t give me any side effects like other products I have tried in the past and that’s a big plus in my book.

Robert Parker


Nitrovit seemed the most promising out of all other products researched. I took my first dose in 2014 and within 3 days that proverbial “fog” lifted and for the first time in 4 years I’m back on my game like before. But as a few more days passed, I noticed that I’m thinking faster, clearer, more detailed and remembering more than ever before. I have now personally referred 13 people to Nitrovit and I will continue to do so.

Alex Henry


I can honestly say that Nitrovit gave me the focus I needed to sit down, study efficiently, and actually remember random stuff such as the function of the Superior Vena Cava!! I took my exam on 9/4 and did extremely well, and from this point forward I shall never live without Nitrovit!! I am in debt to you guys!! Thank you!

Tom Decicco

East Haven, Connecticut

It’s actually my first experience with an OTC nootropic and found this after researching a lot. I don’t have a script and was looking for something to help mentally. Saw this and it’s all over the place with good reviews so I bought it. Have to say, I like it a lot. Nitrovit definitely does increase focus, motivation, mental energy, etc. Believe the hype and give it a try.

Issa Moe


The combo of these ingredients does wonders not just for my memory, but also for my focus, concentration, alertness (a little redundant, I know), anxiety, and general sense of well being.

Joe Kornack

San Francisco

Nitrovit is amazing after the first couple days it started working for me! From feeling lazy and lethargic, Nitrovit gave me the motivation and increased focus to get a lot of things done.

Terrance Russell

There are products out there such as XXXXXXXX (brand name omitted) that I considered, but I didn’t want to deal with the side effects, so I began researching for a more natural/safer alternative and viola…the rest is history.

Ulysses Baltazar

Taking NITROvit has helped me change my perspective with the lazer focus, motivation and mood enhancement. I can pay more attention to things that matter and things that don’t. We are all different, we all perceive life, task, careers, obstacles and challenges differently. With NITROvit, it has helped my life in making better life choices.

Becca White


So, I’m only on day 3 of Nitrovit but as someone who struggled with an Adderall dependency for 5+ years, I am already singing your praises. I am so relieved to find something to give me similar focus I got from Adderall without the terrible side effects/addictive ingredients

Michael Appely

New South Wales, Australia

Since starting my course of NitroVit and nitro amp I have become the Isla world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as placing first overall for marketing in my university year. The clarity and critical thinking I get from NitroVit is what has really changed me.

Michael Appely

New South Wales, Australia

Since starting my course of NitroVit and nitro amp I have become the Isla world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as placing first overall for marketing in my university year. The clarity and critical thinking I get from NitroVit is what has really changed me.

Eduador Marroquin

Nuevo Leon, Mexico

I’ve been using NITROVIT for a couple of months now and the results are simply AMAZING. This is the only supplement that works for my ADD. I take two to three capsules a day and BOOM I am now performing better than ever.

Eduador Marroquin

Nuevo Leon, Mexico

I’ve been using NITROVIT for a couple of months now and the results are simply AMAZING. This is the only supplement that works for my ADD. I take two to three capsules a day and BOOM I am now performing better than ever.

Marc A. Mercier

New Hampshire

In 5th grade I was tested and scored a 176 on a certified IQ test (121 is average), but as of late it felt like I should be institutionalized or tested for dementia or Alzheimer’s the fog was so bad.... I have that extreme of a faith in this product. I am a lifelong customer. Thank you Mark for developing a product second to none and giving me my mind back.

Alexander Grow

Seaside, California

I am the type of person who researches everything, even more when it is something going into my body. All my research led me to a handful of positively reviewed ingredients and eventually led me to NITROvit. I was a bit skeptical, but I knew the ingredients in the formula were legit by themselves so I gave it a go and bought a months worth. I am SO glad I did.

Spencer Gregg

University of Nevada, California

I am now able to focus in lectures and understand what is going on when in the past it was impossible for me to stay focused for more then 10 minutes. I have also seen an increase in retention and decrease in study time but also learning way more. I credit all of these improvements to Nitrovit!

Steven Sorrentino

Marrietta, GA

I run Labella’s Pizzeria in Marietta, GA and 12 hr. days aren’t easy. This stuff really helps and since taking it I now really power thru work days. I didn’t get the full effects of NV right away, since I have ADD I think it took 3 days for my receptors to be fully saturated. But my brain now feels like I am on a higher frequency then everyone around me and it’s like I can move things with my mind!

Gavin Crane

McKinney, Arizona

After taking it for almost a month now, i have seen improvements in my focus, my work has been easier and i have felt more awake.

Danny Giles

New South Wales, Australia

When I started taking nitrovit I was sceptical, but after 12 weeks, it’s something I live by. I have never felt so focused, organised and motivated. I honestly wish I had nitrovit much earlier in my life.

Kolton Morrison


I have now been using your Nitrovit product for about a month and I love it. I feel more clear headed and focused on all sorts of tasks. I can finally enjoy books, because more and more my thoughts are becoming more tamable.

Christopher Poe


Awesome product guys! Been taking Nitrovit for the past 3 months and it’s definitely helped give me a mental edge… Can’t wait to try the new formula, just placed an order now that it’s back in stock (had to use a competing product for a few weeks and man I miss my Nitrovit).

Wally Stifler

United Kingdom

World’s becoming Limitless… Thanks dude.

Torquino Wiles


My productivity has increased two-fold. Prior to taking Nitrovit and the amp, I drank a lot of coffee in the morning prior to going to work which led to mid afternoon crashes. Once I started taking the product I began throttling back my coffee intake and yet I still felt energized and focused throughout the day.

Tom Leggatt

Sydney, Australia

I have now been taking it for about 4 days and have already noticed an increase in my productivity at work. I have given some to work colleagues who are also equally impressed with its performance at such an early stage as most reviews of this product state that it reaches its full potential after 6-8 weeks.

Justin Miller

Shippensburg, PA

Nitrovit is a Goliath in the nootropics industry. It is an excellent motivation, focus, and memory enhancer. Nitrovit pushes you to get things done, when normally you wouldn’t know where to start, or have the energy to attempt something. With the help of Nitrovit, I have experienced life changing transformations. I do not desire smoking cigarettes, I have gained laser focus, my recall on information I was just presented with is astonishing, and so much more.

Irene Hamer


I no longer have my social phobia moments because my speech is jumbled at times and I’m sailing through my menopausal Brain fog symptoms like a Queen. So women suffering from perimenopause or menopause brain fog and forgetfulness or just can’t face people today – Please give it a try, you will feel a pleasant change.

Lance Davis

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thank You for this godsend of a product. It has helped me stop an addiction – I won’t say what type but it’s not drugs nor smoking LOL. I am able to give focus to learning new things of interest and switch my attention very quickly to a positive when I notice VERY quickly it’s a waste of energy.


The effects from Nitrovit that has affected me the most is having lucid dreams. I’ve had lucid dreams before, but the frequency has definitely increased. I remember calculating physics problems in one particular night… Which was actually very colorful and kind of fun because I felt like I was ‘sleep studying’! I was also able to learn three piano compositions in less than two weeks and perform it comfortably at a wedding (and I’ve been out of practice for awhile)

Amy Mpala

Carrollton, Texas

I’ve been taking this for a total of 4 days I can honestly say it works. I have to memorize 200 drugs for my pharmacy tech exam. It used to take me at least an hour and a half to memorize 10 drugs/day – now it takes me like 30 mins.

Bashir Chaudhry

Carrollton, Texas

When I attempt a task after taking Nitrovit, I become fully engaged with it to a very high standard. The best part is it seems so effortless. Needless to say, I’ve been much more productive at work. I have ordered several more bottles since my initial purchase. It is by far the best stack that I’ve personally tried.