You are currently viewing NITROvit: This Supplement Formula Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Stage Fright

NITROvit: This Supplement Formula Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Stage Fright

Noosician: this supplement formula will help you get rid of your stage fright

Do you feel nervous every time you’re on stage? Many musicians suffer from ‘stage fright’ or musical performance anxiety. But how can you finally overcome your pre-performance stress? Read more about musical performance anxiety and the new supplement formula that can help you overcome them.

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? You’re about to go on stage to perform a gig. Your hands are clammy, your head feels woozy and your legs are shaky.

The knowledge that so many people will be watching you is enough to just want to make you walk away and give up on performing music entirely.

Maybe you walk away from the performance feeling like you could have done better. Even though you manned up and faced the crowd, the playing of your guitar or singing just didn’t come out as smoothly, as perfectly as it did before when you were practising in the comfort of your bedroom.

Or: you’re happy with the way you sound in the studio recordings, but as soon as you have to do a live performance, you can’t let yourself go and play as freely as you would like.

Because whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, pianist, frontman or frontwoman or a violinist: when you have stage fright, you will always play or sing better when no one is watching.

It’s a well-known phenomenon in the music industry. Even John Lennon has admitted to throwing up before going on stage. You’re certainly not alone and to a certain extent it’s only normal to have some healthy nerves.

It becomes a problem when you feel like it’s in your way. Maybe you worry about a performance so long in advance that you’ve already had several sleepless night before the actual gig.

Either way, it’s frustrating to always feel like you could do better if only you weren’t so nervous in front of people. It’s a shame if your talent may go unnoticed because of a bit of stage fright.

What can you do about stage fright?
If you’re reading this article, chances are you suffer from stage fright and want a solution. We think we have just the one for you, so keep reading.

Before we get to what we think is the best solution, let’s talk about the several ways you can try and get over your performance anxiety. There are several things you can do.

You might have considered taking medicine, whether it be beta blockers or some calming pills or supplements from the pharmacy.

We’ve also recently published an article on beta blockers, a method that’s often used to fight anxiety in performer’s. As you can read in this article (link to Jake’s article), beta blockers are often not the best idea, as there are many horror stories going around about them.

Many articles on the subject will advise you to prepare for your performance better, to practice until you’ve got your playing or singing perfected.

You can try and make some healthy changes in your diet. Avoid caffeine and sugar before you go on stage, as they can make you shakier and make it worse. You can practise controlled breathing, meditation and other techniques.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a loop of negative thoughts, it’s always a good idea to try out cognitive behavioural therapy. This can help you turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

These are all good ideas that we do recommend having a healthy diet, practice well and try and fight negative thoughts. However these approaches probably take a bit of time and effort before they can take effect.

You might not have the time to look into meditation or cognitive therapy. What if you have a gig next week and you want something to help you out now?

Supplements for musicians
What if we told you there’s something you can do something about it? Something that doesn’t require endless practice or therapy?

We know it may sound unbelievable, but the simple answer could be in a bottle of supplements. There is next to no market for supplements that are specifically made for musicians.

You might have tried some calming supplements before. The problem is, pills like valerian can make you slow and sluggish as well, and that’s something you definitely don’t want during your performance.

You might have tried something like Ginseng or other types of supplements that give you more energy. However that might not get rid of those nerves. None of these give you the perfect balance of stress reduction and increased focus.

This is where Noosician comes in. So far, there’s only a handful of supplement brands that specifically cater to musicians. You can read about a few on this review website. (link to review website) So a brand called Noosician decided to jump into that gap.

With a formula that gives you just the right blend of natural ingredients you need to shine on stage, they’re trying to help out nervous musicians such as yourself. It will help you become more focused, less stressed and have better memory.

How does Noosician help?
Noosician stands for ‘musician’ and ‘nootropics’. Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function, memory, motivation, and fight stress. With their new formula ‘Performance Anxiety + Focus Support’, they used nootropics specifically to help musicians perform.

The ingredients
Let’s have a look at the three key ingredients in Noosician and what they do. We have done all the research behind them to see if they really do what they promise. All ingredients are either naturally occurring or natural substances, so they are perfectly safe to use.

This is a natural herb used in traditional Indian medicine, best known for its ability to fight stress. Several studies, such as this one, have shown that Ashwagandha significantly reduces stress symptoms and can help people with anxiety disorders.

In comparing a treatment group with placebo’s and one who took Ashwagandha, the levels of serum cortisol were significantly decreased in the latter. Serum cortisol is also known as the ‘stress hormone’, and it’s released when your body experiences stress. The hormone is what causes your heart rate and blood pressure to increase.

Bacopa monnieri [Brahmi]
This herb has been shown to improve cognitive function and memory. Studies have pointed out that taking Bacopa improves your memory over the span of a few weeks. So not only will you learn how to play your instrument faster, you will also memorize how to play it much quicker.

This could also come in handy with memorizing the lyrics to your songs. No longer do you have to struggle to remember the words. You will know them by heart much faster, which allows you to focus on your voice and the way you sing them.

How does this work exactly? Bacopa releasesa chemical called serotonin, which boosts cognitive abilities. Tests done on mice clearly showed that the chemical improves long-term memory. The animals would remember when something didn’t work out in the past, so they would move on.

Serotonin also helps balance your mood and prevent your stress levels from rising. In addition to that, Bacopa also increases GABA, a natural amino acid that helps relief stress. For these reasons the herb as a very slight anti-depressant effect.

This animo acid serves to help you relax your mind. Within only half an hour to an hour of taking it, you will start to feel more loosened up.

The good thing about L-Theanine is that it’s not sedative. In fact it’s possible it helps you perform better. A singly study showed a clear improvement in attentional task performance in people with high anxiety.

There’s 24 other ingredients too, such as Lemon Balm, Valerian, and Rhodolia, a herb used to fight fatigue and improve your overall mood.

Sleep and memory support
In addition to Noosician’s main formula, they have two extra supplements to help out musicians.

As a musician, you’ll often be done playing late at night and you might have trouble sleeping, which results in being more tired the next day. Noosician’s ‘Deep Sleep + Recovery Support’ will help you sleep deeper and feel more rested in the morning.

Then there is also the additional supplement ‘Accelerated Learning + Memory Support’, made specifically to help you learn how to play your music faster and memorize it better.  Read more about them on the website (link to website.)

Are you still sceptical about the fact that the solution to your problem may really just be in a bottle? Of course it’s also important to keep practicing your instrument and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Noosician simply lends you a helping hand to get you there faster and more efficiently.

With both positive effects on memory and mood, these ingredients will help you perform with more focus, sharper memory and less stress. And that’s what Noosician wants for you. For you as a musician to own the stage without inhibitions, to blow the audience away with your instrumental skills or for you to sing your heart out.

We assure you that with Noosician, the days of clammy hands and shaky legs are behind you. And you can finally openly start playing your music.

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