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Your Self-Development To Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet.

“The strangest thing about your life is that you’ll spend the entirety of it with yourself. So you best like who you are, or do something about it” Mark Madison – Founder Project Noo You As the new decade starts, we all make ourselves promises of self-development… New Years Resolutions. If last year was a […]

Becoming a Non-Smoker and overcoming other addictions.

Becoming a Non-Smoker and overcoming other addictions. Well, welcome to the first real blog I’ve written in a couple of years! I’ve patched up some old ones in that time, and dug out one or two that I’d written a while back… But this is the first genuine ‘fresh’ blog since probably 2020. As always, […]

3 Small Changes That Can Make You More Productive

be more productive

Small Changes That Can Make You More Productive Do you ask yourself ‘Why am I not able to do more?’ ‘What’s holding me back?’ and ‘How can I be more productive?’ Do you feel your life is stuck and everyone else is progressing in life? These are the exact same questions that used to torment […]

Music, room temperature, and Creatine for better focus.

1) Does music help increase focus levels? Despite what the 4 million other blog posts on the subject say, listening to music whilst trying to work can be one of the worst things you can do for your attention levels. I’m sure we’ve all typed a message or email to someone while listening to a song […]

Optimizing Your Workout Or Work Session.

optimise your workout or work session

Hello there, this is Mark. I have worked out and kept relatively fit most of my life and was recently asked what music I listen to when I am training, and when I’m working from home. It prompted this small blog post with my view on listening to music when exercising or working, plus 2 other […]