How Does Exercise Improve Brain Function?

exercise for brain function

Most people work out because they want to lose weight, get stronger or learn new skills. While they’re observing their gains, they might be overlooking the less obvious benefits to their brain function. When you exercise, you not only strengthen your skeletal muscles but your brain power, too. Scientific studies have shown that exercises has […]

5 Podcasts To Get You Going In The Morning

morning podcasts

The way we consume media is changing along with technology and our lifestyle demands. This has given rise to podcasts, and they’re now more popular than ever. For good reason, too. Listening to podcasts is a great way to expand your knowledge while on the go. If you’re not into reading or don’t have the […]

ADHD Sufferers Could Be Potential Geniuses

ADHD sufferers could likely be geniuses

People often associate the effects of ADHD as negative, with some parents even going as far as claiming that their child suffering from ADHD might just never “live a normal life.” But, what is a normal life? On the contrary, in this day and age, many people strive to not be normal – to become […]

Supplement Scams – How To Avoid The Bad Guys

avoid supplement scams

I want to share my thoughts on supplement scams with you, hoping that you’ll always stay with me and Nitrovit, but understanding the strong desire and likeliness that a few clients may want to experience another companies offering – if not least out of curiosity. Sometimes on our Facebook page we receive messages from angry customers […]

Nitrovit Reward Program – Refer A Friend

Project Noo You reward program refer a friend

So you love Nitrovit, and can’t help telling people about it too?… We receive a lot of emails asking whether we have a rewards program for those kind enough to pass word of Nitrovit on to friends, family, and on social media. If you would like to be given a unique referrers code personal to you, to hand […]

Using Nitrovit To Build A Nootropic Stack

Using nitrovit to build your nootropic stack

The question I get asked most is “What is your daily nootropic stack, Mark?”So, I thought I’d answer that one today for you… Here’s my typical day:(Note: I take weekends off from all supplementation except protein shakes) AM Stack (Breakfast) 2 cups of coffeeNitrovit (usually fruit punch flavor)2 Nitroamp capsules (if training/jogging)3 Nitrodrive capsules800mg of […]